Learn guitar with Lucas Gitano Family

Specialist in Gypsy Rumba and Flamenco, I play all over the world with my band Gitano Family. On this site, I share with you all my secrets to progress on the guitar.

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My popular programs

Accompanying like a pro on the guitar

The complete method for accompanying: rhythms, technical arpeggios and chords.

The art of solos and improvisation

The method to gain speed, play solos and improvise in all circumstances.

The tablatures
Lucas Gitano Family

More than 150 tablatures and backing tracks to play your favorite music.

Courses by theme

The 5 must-have rhythms

The 5 rhythms to master to accompany any music on the guitar.

Enhance your game:
Rolls and Golpe

The 3 techniques to enhance your guitar playing and sound like a pro.

Playing wonderful arpeggios

The method to play bewitching arpeggios to accompany your music.

The 36 essential chords

The essential chords to learn and play 99% of the music easily.

17 enhanced chords
(flamenco / gipsy)

Specific chords, to make the difference and sound like never before (flamenco / gypsy style).

Accelerate with the Picado technique

The technique that will allow you to gain speed and play impressive solos.

Learn to improvise on a scale

A class to learn to improvise and play your own solos in a scale.

7 scales for a perfect solo

My method to know by heart the fretboard of your guitar to create the perfect solos.

Who am I?

My name is Lucas. I started playing guitar at the age of 6, thanks to the Gipsy Kings family. Today, I play in the Gitano Family group with whom I do shows all over the world.

I am a specialist in gypsy rumba and flamenco, and I will share with you all the secrets that have made me successful.

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