10 essential tips to start with the gipsy guitar

Hi, this is Lucas 👋🏻

If you are new to the guitar and have just discovered the fascinating world of rumba, then I’d like to share some tips with you. They will help you start your musical adventure in the best conditions. You will progress quickly, and avoid getting into bad habits.

But before I start, I would like to break down two preconceived ideas that I regularly hear from my students (and which annoy me!)

"I don't have a gift for the guitar"

Some people have a predisposition for music. The problem is that these abilities make us believe that we can play anything without effort, when the only way to really progress is to practice a lot (and in the right way).

If you feel like you’re not “good”, remember that the greatest guitarists all started as beginners. You can progress and have fun with your guitar, if you know exactly what to do and if you give yourself the resources.

"It's too difficult at my age".

It is true that children learn faster than adults. But should we deprive ourselves of our passions? As adults, we are no longer used to start from scratch in any field. However, everything we master today, we master because we accepted to start one day.

No, you won’t become Paco de Lucía in three weeks. But you’re going to have a great musical adventure, and you’ll be very proud of yourself!

Now that things are clear, I recommend that you follow these 10 tips for getting started in the world of gypsy rumba on the guitar.

1 - Set clear objectives and a learning path

Goals help you to clearly visualize what you want to accomplish on the guitar. They help you to focus on what is really important to you, and to measure your progress. Every time you achieve a goal, you build your confidence and fuel your passion for the guitar.

If you don’t have a specific training plan, you’ll end up going in circles, making slow progress and getting bored. It is likely that you have already spent hours watching YouTube videos in search of tutorials. Without much result.

Having a training plan allows you to structure your learning, and optimise your practice time. In the end, you make efficient progress and save a lot of time.

If you want to learn the gypsy rumba, but don’t know how to practice, you can start with my free course to learn your first rhythm and your first song:

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2 - Practice regularly

Now that you have goals and a plan, all you have to do is take action. Because to progress on the guitar, you have to practice regularly, and stick with it. And to last, you need to find the right balance of time and frequency.

If you are just starting out, try to play a little every day. Initially, 15 minutes a day will allow you to make rapid progress.

Over time, you may begin to stagnate. At this point, I advise you to increase your training time to continue to progress. The idea is to gradually increase your training time according to your level, your availability and your motivation.

3 - Use a metronome, and start very slowly

During your learning process, playing slowly is crucial. This will allow you to understand what you are learning, and to assimilate the perfect technique. In other words, by playing very slowly at first, you condition your reflexes and avoid bad habits.

Using a metronome is super important to progress on the guitar. It helps you develop your sense of rhythm and play with precision. With a metronome, you will learn to be very regular. This is very important in music, especially gypsy rumba, because you are the rhythm keeper! Playing the metronome may be difficult at first, but it will soon become your best ally in making progress on the guitar.

4 - Be relaxed

It’s easier said than done when you’re just starting out, but it’s important that you’re relaxed with your guitar, so that you can make smooth movements and play nice sounds.

First of all, being too stiff can make you make mistakes or lose your rhythm. For example, a gesture that starts too early, or too late because you held it back involuntarily.

And also…music is about expression, emotions, feelings. The best thing you can do is to share your energy: to make your audience want to clap their hands, stamp their feet, dance….

Try to get into the rhythm, and move your body accordingly. For example by marking the beats with your foot, head or chest movement. Try to “dance your music” and you’ll make faster progress on the guitar. You will take everyone with you.

5 - Get involved

It may seem obvious, but to make progress you need to concentrate and apply yourself. If you play, with Facebook and the TV on, you won’t get very far…

Try to set aside time slots where you are not distracted. Your training will be much more effective.

Also, I sometimes see students who play without any desire to do well. It is important to remember this because playing with application and desire makes a difference. Apply yourself to have a good posture, apply yourself to have a good gesture, apply yourself to do well. You will make impressive progress.

6 - Be patient and perseverant

In any area of life, the successful person is the one who never gives up. Especially since the guitar is an art, and therefore inherently difficult. It is a physical and psychological journey, which takes time.

It is therefore essential to be patient. In time, you will play with more ease, relaxation and pleasure.

It is difficult to be aware of this, because we live in a world where everything can be bought, all the time, very quickly.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), know-how cannot be bought. Being good at music has to be earned, and it doesn’t just happen.

So be patient, hang on. The results will be there!

7 - Be kind to yourself

I’ve written several times now that the guitar is difficult, that it takes a long time to master, that it requires effort… It’s true. But let’s face it, the guitar is above all a hobby!

The aim is to have fun, quickly. So I think it is important to remind you to listen to your body and mind:

  • You make mistakes? It doesn’t matter, it happens to everyone.
  • Are your hands starting to hurt, or your arms? Take a rest.
  • Are you starting to lose patience and get irritated? Take a break, get some fresh air, and come back later (or another day).

Remember, the guitar is a passion, and must remain a pleasure above all!

8 - Record yourself on video

Filming yourself is the best habit to accelerate your progress on the guitar. On the one hand, it’s a bit stressful, and it requires self-confidence building, which will be useful when you want to play with your family.

And then it allows you to clearly identify your strengths and weaknesses. So you know exactly what you need to improve. And over time, you will see your progress by watching old videos. It is very motivating!

9 - Listen to music for inspiration

Playing guitar is about telling a story. And to tell a good story, you need vocabulary. The best way to do this is to listen to lots of music.

On the one hand, you will improve your musical ear and sense of rhythm, but you will also get ideas and inspiration for your playing.

By listening carefully to talented guitarists, you can learn from their technique, phrasing and musicality, which will enrich your own playing and help you develop your own style.

10 - Have fun and experiment

At the risk of repeating myself, the guitar is a passion. So have fun with your guitar, even if what you play isn’t pretty.

Having fun and experimenting without any particular objective encourages creativity and musical risk-taking. By letting your imagination run wild, you can discover new sounds and cultivate your own style.

Start with simple things, and develop your story as you progress technically. This relaxed approach allows you to play with passion and enjoyment, which feeds your motivation and encourages you to continue to progress and push your guitaristic limits.


If you are reading this conclusion, it means that you are one of the most motivated people to learn the gypsy guitar. So to go further and discover this fascinating universe, I offer you a free program, 100% adapted to beginners, and specially designed to discover the gypsy rumba.

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By following my instructions, you will progress efficiently on the guitar, develop your own style and live an incredible musical adventure. So, join me in this program to take your first lesson now:

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